Silo Cleaning

Enviro-Cor Enterprises specializes in Silo Cleaning throughout Ontario. We offer a unique silo cleaning service that utilizes a hydraulic whip system.

Enviro-Cor’s Silo Cleaning Services are utilized with great success in the cement industry, in the food industry, and in feed mills. The advantages of Silo Cleaning utilizing Enviro-Cor’s Silo Cleaning Service are many:
  • Improve efficiency – The process is quick! We can get your product flowing again, minimizing production loss and unnecessary down time.
  • Reduce waste – Because we utilize a dry clean out procedure, the material can be re-claimed.
  • Safety – Our experts are highly skilled, and highly trained in Silo Cleaning. We offer both confined space entry solutions, as well as non entry alternatives.

Enviro-Cor personnel are well aware of the many hazards that can be present in silo entry, therefore we adhere to all the Health and Safety guidelines. Our customers entrust the job to us because they know we will get the job done safely and efficiently. Our services range from a simple brush down to a full scale cleaning – ready for inspection. We use a variety of entry and non- entry cleaning styles – depending on our customers’ needs.

We have trained confined space rescuers on our staff.

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Non-entry Bin & Tank Cleaning

Bin Cleaning System

Enviro-Cor uses the hydraulically powered whip system because of its exceptional torque and control. It enables your production to get back on schedule as quickly as possible. The whip is a unique tool that was designed to clean clogged vessels without the danger of entering the vessel itself. Personnel can easily position the whip head inside the vessel to target problem areas without ever having to enter. The result is a clean vessel, reclaimed product and the elimination of confined space entry.


Bridge Breaking System

  • The drill works to bore through material in bulk storage situations. This is the safe effective way to break through bridged material. Like the whip the drill is operated from outside of the vessel and operates like a mobile drilling rig. When the drill has opened a flow channel the whip can be used to finish the job.
  • The drill is also capable of sampling and fumigating a product.
  • Depths of 150’ can be reached from either the top or the bottom of a vessel.
  • Precision, control, all-hydraulic power – gives the whip and the drill the power to work through most materials.


Cardox Blasting System

  • High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Blasting.
  • The Cardox blasting system is a safe effective way to clear blockages and hang-ups from bulk material handling systems.
  • It can powerfully but gently break rock, concrete, and other materials that have become rock-hard.
  • Vessel walls are not damaged in the process. Cardox is cost effective, safe to transport, and designed to be re-usable.
Click here to download spec sheet.

These three systems can be used separately or together and are safe to use in a wide variety of systems and applications including volatile dust situations. Safe to use in a variety of medias from the food industry to the cement industry.

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