Wet/Dry Industrial Vacuum Services

Enviro-Cor has been providing Industrial Vacuum Services to a wide range of clients since 1990.

Industries we serve include: Cement plants, Automotive plants, Steel mills, Manufacturers, Industrial sites, etc.

Why put your trust in Enviro-Cor? We have a diverse fleet to handle a full range of dry, solid and liquid materials. Proven performance from scheduled to emergency response. Trained, professional drivers and equipment operators.

High Pressure Water Blasting

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and seasoned expertise to meet the needs of a wide variety of high-pressure applications.

These applications include:
  • exterior cleaning of brick, tanks, vessels and concrete
  • removal of paints, resins, water scale, asphalt, and cement
  • residue removal such as oils and food by-products
We also have Hot Washing capabilities for when pressure isnít enough. Our units will clean the compounds that need the heat!

When high pressure water blasting isnít enough, we bring the heat! Our portable hotwash units can reach a pressure of 5000psi. Useful in a variety of applications: restaurant hoods, tank clean outs, pipe cleanouts, graffiti removal, etc.


Dry Ice Blasting Services

Cleaning with dry ice! Our system shoots dry ice pellets out of a jet nozzle with compressed air. It works somewhat like sand blasting or water blasting but with out the residue of sand or water left behind. The frigid temperature of the ice blasting against the material, causes the material to shrink and loose adhesion. Only the removed material is left behind for clean-up.

Safe to use on electrical, printing/plating, moulding, semiconductors and food processing equipment, just to name a few.


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